Because each person is valued, seen, heard & important.

At People of Peony, we extend a heartfelt array of innovative, joyful, and holistic support services.

From NDIS disability support to aged care, youth residential placements, childcare assistance, transportation, cleaning, gardening, coaching, and healing, to curating delightful activities and events, our services are crafted with love.

Together, we are not just transforming support care but also nurturing a vision of human equity, where every individual is embraced with compassion and valued for their unique journey.

Why we do what we do

You are unique

At People of Peony, we honour your uniqueness. Your challenges are heard, your needs understood, and our commitment is to provide you with a service as special and individual as you are. Because in this journey, your distinct story is our guiding light.

You’re worth supporting

In the heart of Queensland communities, our dedicated teams extend warm support to NDIS participants, young individuals, and seniors alike. With People of Peony, we’re not just nearby; we’re a heartbeat away, ready to stand by your side whenever you need us. Your community is our community, and together, we create a tapestry of care, compassion, and connection.

You deserve to be happy

You are deserving of a life filled with joy and happiness. At People of Peony, we offer personalized 1:1 and group coaching services tailored to various aspects of your journey—be it in business, relationships, manifestation, or spiritual life. In addition, we curate transformative holistic events and provide online training, all crafted with the intention of guiding you towards a path of fulfilment and happiness. Because your deserving heart deserves to thrive.

See real stories about how we have supported our clients to change their lives.

Embracing Hearts, Enriching Lives

At People of Peony, every service is a heartfelt commitment to your well-being, creating a tapestry of care, compassion, and transformation. Your journey to joy and fulfilment is at the core of all we do. Let our services be the melody of love that echoes through every moment of your life.

We are here for you!

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